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Wolf Tuner

Wolf note eliminator

Violin - Viola - Cello

The Wolf Whisperer Violin Maker

Awaking your true nature and play with Wolves!

The « wolf tone", is the result of a conflict of sound frequencies, usually remedied by the addition of weight on the string, which stifles it with a muted effect.


I propose to play with the wolf rather than trying to kill him, and instead of suppressing the conflicting sound frequencies, to tune them.


Here is the Wolf Tuner "Theunis" its design is based on its resonance rather than its weight. His composition gives it a resonance of his own, and his weight is 3 times lighter than a conventional Wolf tone eliminator, which avoids the mute effect while enriching the timbre of the instrument.


The term Wolf-Töter suggests treating the wolf by smothering it, the Wolf Tuner tunes the conflicting frequencies without choking them with the weight of the accessory.





               The Winners use the Wolf Tuner !

Reach the Stradivarius level with a single click

They talk about it !

Raphael Wallfisch

" I hate losing all that expensive quality but I just discovered the new ‘Wolf Tuner’ made by André Theunis and it works very well ” 

Potsdam University
A study by Gunnar Gidion
of the Physics Department

" The Wolf Tuner has an extraordinarily strong effect on the richness of the timbre "

Marc De Vreese

"I do not know any luthier that Stradivarius leaves indifferent, and no violinist who does not dream about it... The wolf tuner is the most obvious way to access to the same emotion"

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